As everyone knows Roblox is a big online game platform where you can play Roblox games or create your own game. So today we came with new codes for the Roblox Crystal Magnet Simulator Code. You just need to redeem these codes elsewhere by wasting their time by finding them on the internet.  


Valid & Working Roblox Crystal Magnet Simulator Code 2021

This list provides you the working and Valid Crystal Magnet Simulator Codes. Look at this list or read the reward description and find the codes that you need. If you find any of the codes expired please inform us in the comment section. We can update this list at least one time at a weak.

Full list of Working Crystal Magnet Simulator Codes 2021

      Working Code: UltimateRazorfish

      Reward Description: When you redeem this code you’ll get Ultimate Razor Fish Pet (NEW)

      Working Code: UltimateTokens2021

      Reward Description: By using this popular code you’ll get your reward that is 150 Tokens (NEW)

      Working Code: UltimatePet2021

      Reward Description: After using this code you’ll get a Triple Golden Bear Pet

      Working Code: FreePet

      Reward Description: When you redeem this code you’ll get a Dog Pet

      Working Code: FreeHat

      Reward Description: By using this popular code you’ll get your reward that is a Black Top Hat

      Working Code: FreeCoins

      Reward Description: After using this code you’ll get 250 coins

      Working Code: Release

      Reward Description: When you redeem this code you’ll get 150 coins

      Remember When you enter these codes in the redeem section then check these codes spelled exactly. To make things easier directly copy these codes from our website and paste them straight to the game. Furthermore, we do not create code, we just collect these codes from the internet and write them here for you to save your valuable time. 


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      Roblox Crystal Magnet Simulator Code – Outdated

      When any of the codes get expired we can list them here. So check this list if you’re code not working. Furthermore, you can cross-check the listed codes here some time they may work.  

      • Likely, there are no outdated codes at this moment. If any of the working codes will expire we can update this list.


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      How to Redeem > Roblox Crystal Magnet Simulator Code?

      If you don’t know how to redeem just follow the simple steps listed below.

      Open the game and find the Twitter button. That you will find on the right side of the game screen.

      Now click on this button, after clicking a pop will display on your screen.

      After that copy the code from the working code list that we will provide you in the upper list.

      At last, paste the code in the box and click on the redeem button and get your reward.


      Overview & Game Passes:-

      Crystal Magnet Simulator is an exciting Roblox game that was launched recently. The game has very amazing gameplay that you should have to play if you love o play Roblox games. Moreover, you can also play his game with your friends.

      In this game, you have to collect crystals, you have to buy upgrades, have to collect pets, and discover new islands.

      And, you can also get a 7 game pass from the game store to enhance your gameplay and enjoyment.

      Check out all the Roblox Crystal Magnet Simulator passes given below:

      Open 3 Eggs

      Cost: 189 Robux. While you get this game pass, this can Open 3 Eggs.

      x2 Crystal

      Cost: 349 Robux. With this game pass, you can get x2 Crystal.

      x2 Coins

      Cost: 349 Robux. However, if you have this game pass then this can help you to get x2 Coins.

      x2 Craft Boost

      Cost: 279 Robux. This game pass will give you x2 Craft Boost.

      x2 Gems

      Cost: 399 Robux. Moreover, you can earn x2 Gems with this game pass.

      Ultra Magnet

      Cost: 559 Robux. However, Get Ultra Magnet with this game pass.

      x2 Collects

      Cost: 49 Robux. If you have this pass, this will gives you x2 Collects.


      Game Badges:-

      There are no game badges are available right now for this game. But stay connected with us. In the future, if game developers release any game badges for the game we will surely list them here for you.

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